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    Executive Leadership

    I have over 18 years of working in the Non-Profit Industry. From Recruitment/HR, to Sales & Marketing, to Executive Leadership. 

    During my tenure as Executive Director of Doing Art Together, I successfully increased the annual budget by 40% and brought the annual revenue to $830K. The 33-year-old agency needed a massive overhaul of operational processes and workflow optimization, and with my team, we took the organization back to its roots by implementing a successful community commitment campaign that started with solidifying current partnerships and then by adding a host of new partners that I brought to the table from my previous work experiences. 

    One of the greatest lessons I learned from this position was the value of being a mentor to my team. Earning their trust was key to help guide them through the recent loss of the Founder/CEO, and to being able to realign their thinking about who we were serving in our work. 

    Find out more about my professional career on my  LinkedIn page: Professional History 

    Community Organizer

    I lead workshops/seminars, and organize community events for key stakeholders to ensure that our community is supported and growing together. Look me up on LinkedIn for more details of my community accomplishments.


    I've been writing songs for many years. One of my tracks, "Stop by Monies", was on the Grammy Nominated Jazz/Funk album 'Here's the Deal' by Liquid Soul. It's being performed all around the World, and currently has over 50,000 collective hits on youtube. 

    I've performed all around the World; on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Cruise ships, in reputable regional theatre, and bus and truck touring companies. One thing that I have learned is that no matter where you are in the World, the basics are the same: Food, Faith, Shelter, and Love. 

    The Way I see it

    Courtlandt Street

    The conditions that I witness on a daily basis in the South Bronx are intensifying. There is so much happening in the way of new buildings, but the people are starving and laying in the streets, especially at my bus stop. 

    This is an iMovie that I created/produced for my poem of the same name, "Courtlandt Street". You can read the poem in my bog, on this website. 

    Looking for tracks to license and/or purchase?